Matter and Spirit: A True Reconciliation of Sri Aurobindo

The cardinal principle of Sri Aurobindo’s integral advaitism is the affirmation of the reality of the world as well as of the Absolute, of Matter as well as of Spirit. This integral metaphysical exposition of Sri Aurobindo appears to us first time in his magnum opus, The Life Divine when he says, “The affirmation of divine life upon earth and an immortal sense in mortal existence can have no base unless we recognise not only eternal Spirit as the inhabitant of this bodily mansion, the wearer of this mutable robe, but accept Matter of which it is made, as a fit and noble material out of which He weaves constantly His garbs, builds recurrently the unending series of His mansions.” So, Sri Aurobindo’s outlook which is integral, explicates that, the Spirit or Brahman is One and that One is not completed without “All this is Brahman”-“sarvam khalu idam Brahma” Thus, Sri Aurobindo regards the ideal aim of The Life Divine in his epic Savitri as,

“The Spirit shall look out through Matter’s gaze

And Matter shall reveal through Spirit’s face

Then man and Superman shall be at one

And all the earth becomes a single life.”


Nishikant Patoa, Research Scholar, Assam University, Silchar


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