Bhagat Singh’s extra ordinary activities have made him “The Legend”.  He had given true definition of terror and differentiated terror and the self confidence. He have criticized the capitalism and suggested to aware the people to put an end to communalism. He had strongly opposed the evils system.  He was an Atheist and doesn’t believed in God’s existence even in his last days of lift. It is clear that Bhagat Singh at such an early age had developed his thinking scientifically. He had made the jail, Library and Laboratory through his reading and writings. His social philosophy given us a new way to think about the social problems as well as to solve them. Only the need is to understand and apply them accordingly. Bhagat Singh’s social ideas are still valuable and applicabele in the society.

Manju Chauhan, P.G.Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh



  1. Mandeep Singh said,

    16/02/2013 at 2:06 pm

    nice ……..

  2. Mandeep Singh said,

    16/02/2013 at 2:08 pm

    Could u plz give me more information about philosphy of S.BHAGAT SINGH.

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