Bhagat Singh as a Surefooted Revolutionary and His Verdure: A Foster- son of Colonialism

What would be better to call Bhagat Singh a poet, historian, writer, philosopher, artist, poet, communist, socialist, Marxist or at the most a family man? A close study of Singh’s character and nature along with his letters throws light on his various shades. Yet, still, always confusion arises. What would be better to call him? Politician, states man, nationalist, national builder, patriot, freedom fighter, terrorist, revolutionary, administrator; list may be long. However, question here is which role was dominant in his life? Hence, in this paper an attempt is made to trace him as a man of multiple personalities. Another attempt is made to trace the favorable factors that nourished his growth as freedom fighter.  When delving through the letters written by him to different personalities, it is learnt that in the midst of various political issues and nationalist movements, he was struggling to take care of his family. It is learnt that he had a special affection towards Harnam Kaur, the wife of his exiled uncle Ajit Singh.   This attempt enables us to grapple with the existing shroud of mystery and confusion regarding the role of Singh as a family man. Therefore, the basic thrust is to explore his approach towards the nation and the British, through which it is possible to study how, a patriot, struggled between his family and the nation. The present study entails a detailed exploration of the Singh’s constructive and political activities in the Punjab. To understand him as a historian and a writer, an attempt is being made to separate fact from the mass of legend, which is interwoven with the slender matrix of history. It is hoped that the present exercise would fill the gaps in our knowledge of Singh’s multiple personalities under study. Thus, a humble attempt is made to move away from the conventional reconstructions of the past towards a more realistic and complex representation. It is hoped that the present study would help the readers to assume that how different he was from others.

Sheena Krishnan Ulamparambath, P.G.Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh



Bhagat Singh’s extra ordinary activities have made him “The Legend”.  He had given true definition of terror and differentiated terror and the self confidence. He have criticized the capitalism and suggested to aware the people to put an end to communalism. He had strongly opposed the evils system.  He was an Atheist and doesn’t believed in God’s existence even in his last days of lift. It is clear that Bhagat Singh at such an early age had developed his thinking scientifically. He had made the jail, Library and Laboratory through his reading and writings. His social philosophy given us a new way to think about the social problems as well as to solve them. Only the need is to understand and apply them accordingly. Bhagat Singh’s social ideas are still valuable and applicabele in the society.

Manju Chauhan, P.G.Govt. College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh